How to be popular at work? A few simple tricks!

So some of your colleagues are meeting at a nearby pub for a drink. Did they forget to invite you? It is not that they are being intentionally cruel. It is just that they did not remember. Yes, they like working with you. But does anyone consider you a friend? The thing is – a workplace without friends, where you are ignored constantly can be one of the most lonely places in the world. But your office need not be the friendless cold place that it has always been. You can easily make friends – real meaningful friendships - in the workplace.

Can money buy love?

When you want to make friends, the easy way out is to spend money. Lots of money. But does it really work? Well, at first it may seem to work. However the friends you make while spending money tend to stay only as long as the money being spent. The moment you stop spending, they disappear. Ideally, money should not be a part of any friendship at all. So, if you want to make real friends, here are some simple things you can try.

Practice your Poker Face

Well, as strange as it may sound, playing poker, or other card games is one of the best ways to blend in with your work mates. And if cards aren’t your thing, you can try other games like chess or Chinese checkers or maybe even try to be part of the office bowling club. When you indulge in an activity together with a bunch of people, you are more likely to make friends. Another added advantage is that everyone gets to see your fun side.

Show off your Cooking Skills

Everyone likes to eat. And the way to any man’s (or woman’s) heart is through their stomach. So, take cooking lessons. Try out some new recipes. Bake some cookies, take them to work and share them with everyone. Soon you will be inviting some of them home for dinner.

Indulge your Passion

Whether it is making model aircraft's or carving wood, show off your hobby. You will find that people will be more interested in knowing you when they realise that you have a passion.

Watch Sports

Is there a big game that is around the corner? Then why not watch it together with your colleagues. There is nothing more fun than watching a good game together. Invite some colleagues around and buy beer and snacks.

Offer help

Is somebody moving house? Maybe he/she would need an extra pair of hands. Is there a bridal shower? Offer help. Offer your time. The only way you can help forge enduring friendships is by being generous with your time.

Catch the fitness bug

Get people in the office to exercise together. Start a running club. Join a Pilates class together. The idea is to do things together, and do things often.

Movie of the Week

Why not start a movie club in your office. Everyone gets together, every weekend and watch some great movies. You will be surprised how much interest people will show. You can start by inviting some people over to your home for the first movie night.

Be yourself

The first thing you need to learn to do is relax. Do not work too hard in trying to make friends. You may come across as desperate and clingy and there is no better way to make people avoid you. Take the first step, be open to friendships. But DO REMEMBER to let the other person reciprocate. Do not be afraid to show the real you. Be yourself no matter what. If you pretend to be someone else, you will not only appear artificial but also fail to sustain it for long.

Choose your Friends

You know those people who are naturally extroverted, who seem to be getting along with everyone? Well, they are usually the loneliest of us all. You cannot be friends with everyone. Rather, choose to be friends with a select few. Choose your friends. Choose people who share common interests, common personality traits and most importantly choose people who need friends.

Be a Friend

Be there for people who need you. Even if it means that you have to stay up the whole night listening to a sad teary eyed story of a bad break up or visit someone in the hospital. The best way to make friends is by being one.

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