Time to enjoy the work

Is your job a bad job or a good one? Every person has their own unique ideas on what constitutes a great job, and which jobs deserve to be permanently blacklisted. In many ways, these ideas are formed by the scale of our individual priorities and ideals, needs and wishes. Many studies have tried to determine whether there are universal indicators for good jobs and the results have always remained ambiguous due to the nature of people and their environment. This can be the case whether you work for someone or are self employed, whether you have what you considered your dream job or just something to pay the bills.

Happiness in money. Truth or lie?

When we scan job ads, one of the first things to which we pay attention to is the rate of salary relative to the job in question. The relative strength of the position can be supplemented by benefits, insurance and other additional bonuses like extra holidays or a company car. In our mind the digits of annual revenue are instantly converted into any number of things you can buy such as a new car, a list of places in the UK and abroad where you would like to go on holiday, the luxury and quality of hotels in which we plan to stay and how many nice places we can take the family. By this reckoning then the higher the salary, the more attractive vacancy. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. You can decide to get a job because of a good salary, but to continue working for the company for a long time you are going to need very different motivators for the long term.

You become smarter and more skilled

Good employment contributes to our self-development and helps us to become more advanced in terms of professional skills. For example, it may be through learning a new language, discovering new instruments or technology or the development of additional but very useful skills.

One of the most useful skills that you can acquire on the job is prioritization, i.e. the ability to identify precisely the options that require the least amount of time and effort and allow you to get maximize revenue. Remember the Pareto principle, also known as the 80/20 rule? 20% of efforts provide 80% of the results, while the remaining 80% of the effort will bring you only 20% result. It would be nice to understand what exactly is included in the good part of 20 percent of effort, would it not it? But I guess that was not what he was aiming for.

The boss is an excellent person

It can be said that people often come to work for a specific company because of the reputation of its leaders. Let us imagine that for a second... Your boss knows exactly what he wants from you, and knows how to explain it. He is always polite and well mannered and even if he criticizes your actions he does it so no one else can hear it. There are no favourites in this company who receive praise even for collective work or individual work, while the efforts of some other workers remain unnoticed. We can say that this is quite good boss and the dream of any employee. The great thing is that somewhere out there these people do exist and really are as good as they sound, you just have to find them.

The work takes your values into account

Your moral and cultural values are harmoniously included in your duties. It is the sign of all the best jobs. It does not force themes, imbued with the ideals alien, on you or make you go against your beliefs. If for example you are concerned about the environment, I'm 100% certain that the job of your dreams will not be linked to emissions of toxic waste.

Practice for unique abilities

We all have our own character and our own abilities to greater and lesser degrees. A good job, for each person, will find a use for them in full so that your true potential may be unleashed. You may even notice that the execution of a task takes less effort and you feel that you can affect everything that you are connected to.

Harmoniously complement your life

Work may be one of the components of our existence but it should not interfere with other parts of our lives, such as family, hobbies, interests and so on. If it does and you don’t want it to then you are probably not in a good job. This does not mean that your work never interferes in your life. This still occurs, but to a considerably lesser extent. For example, your dream job may mean a flexible schedule so you occasionally work at home and spend more time with your family.

It will fill you with energy instead of taking it out of you

You look forward to getting back to work. You feel a surge of strength, which allows you to not only work productively, but also to do something else, perhaps sports or the arts. This is the kind of job after which you will never say, “I'm like a squeezed out lemon”. Just imagine what you'll be able to achieve, if one day you will find a use for all your accumulated energy!

Contribution into things that you believe in

Work gives you a feeling of being needed and a useful member of society, as you make your contribution to a specific field of human activity, and your unique talents and abilities can help to improve something that's important to you. Working in a job that matters to you makes all the difference to work well being and makes the work less like work and more like an interest.

These are just a small selection of the work parameters required for a job to be called a good one. It is important to ask what a great job is, not only when you are looking for a job, but when you already have one. Never get stuck in that box of a bad job unable to free yourself. Ask yourself a few questions to help you understand whether you are doing the job of your dreams every day, or do you live from paycheck to paycheck in passionate anticipation of holidays or some kind of freedom. Do you want to go to your job in the morning? Do you feel productive and efficient? Are there people at work who irritate you? Have your current responsibilities become routine? Do you have a long-awaited opportunity for career growth? Perhaps thinking about “how” and “what” you do, can help you greatly improve your working conditions and become a person who is happy at work or perhaps lead you to the realization that there is something better out there.