The Importance of Order in Professional Life

In the “Small Manual of Civility”, Chapter V elaborates the principles of order to the business life that's cited in Chapter IV. A few examples were given, which illustrated interesting working models that trace way back to the 1950s, yet which can still be easily applied to today's modern times. Its importance cannot be highlighted more in regards to instilling the practice of being orderly and having the sense to stay organised at an early age, given the following reasons.

It helps develop work habits wherein you can efficiently deal with any endeavor you may encounter, which ensures success later on in life.

Maintaining order in material things that surround man allows him to maintain order within his soul as well. His thoughts and ideas are better organised, and ordered thinking influences his ways and his entire being. Rather than being disorganised, chaotic, become unkempt and quickly disheveled, a man who exhibits love for order manages to have a calm disposition. He possesses a disciplined spirit, which renders him capable of doing boundless great things, more so, with motivation from the love of God. There are indeed many dreamers who intend to execute grand plans and great feats, yet do not accomplish and fulfill anything at all. Why? Simply because they lack order and the initiative to manifest their ideas into something tangible.

Order is the key to being successful and prosperous in life, whatever you decide to venture upon, conversely, disorder leads to ruin and eventually the death of a business or a whole enterprise.

Order in Business

Order is more than a virtue, but crucial in defining the fate of a business and industry. Think about how it will all end when there is no order in bookkeeping. This is the perfect example, wherein it is not limited to appearances, but a log or account book encompasses precision and accuracy. A shortcoming is that even a single figure miscarried, a few numbers left out, or an inscription forgotten, can each have grave consequences. It can be fatal to a business and industry, which it plainly cannot afford, such as decadence or loss of credit, which ultimately could lead to its downfall and destruction.

Order in the Office

Imagine entering a workshop where a good number of employees are working, and each has his or her own work space. The layout of the area itself is organised, along with equipment and tools strategically placed to be easily within reach. These parts and accessories are arranged by section, size, group and quality, which are kept in the same numbered place. Workers do not need to look anywhere else, for order and diligence is observed. Therefore, the work they execute is of high-quality, well-done, in vast numbers with the great potential of being more lucrative. One day, a new worker who is eager and energetic, honest and hardworking enters the scene. However, what he's lacking is the spirit of order. He typically uses any item he thinks could be of use to him, borrows equipment but then forgets to return it to its rightful owner or back where it belongs. His work space becomes cluttered and causes colleagues to go looking for their own things. In a couple of weeks, the harm that's brought about by this disorganised man affects the entire office area and not only does it wreak havoc to materials and tools, but to the harmonious relationship of employees. The bottom line is, an ideal office environment should be well-organized which in turn stimulates tranquility and a sense of accomplishment, while a cluttered and chaotic workplace does the opposite and may lead to worse circumstances than you thought possible.

Order in Public Services

This service is in association with public health, where meticulous order is imperative. Nobody can risk a careless order, a poorly written or even worse, an incorrect prescription, or medicine being confused with another kind. In emergency cases, a life can be dependent on the diligence of hospital staff or caregivers. What do you think could happen during a life and death situation when a surgical tool cannot be found or anything else needed at that exact moment is missing or has been misplaced? In public administration, disorder can cause the ruin of an entire country. Finances, educational systems, justice systems, the army, the police, and public works all require professionalism and orderliness for the sake of a majority of people and national life. Sure enough, roads, airlines, telephone companies and shipping lines require the same streamlined processes and order is a must.

The Importance of Instilling Order Early Towards an Accomplished Life

Order is no doubt, of the highest rank and importance and must be instilled at an early age. This teaching renders a person accustomed from such a young age to order and method in life, which will prevent him or her from being the disheveled individual who can arrive panting and flushed face, rushing about, rummaging through his belongings, maybe even matched with messy clothes and tie. This is definitely not the image of a successful person who practices order in professional life. Hence, it is essential to apply order in our own lives for us to reap the benefits and abundance of hard work. The simple act of returning each object we use to its proper place and carrying out each task on the set schedule can do wonders. Order in every aspect, both at work and at home plus anywhere you are, can change the tides and boost your way up to the top. Leading an accomplished life entails living your dreams, sublime happiness, and enjoying the fruits of success.