Top 10 Ways to Make Your Boss Love You

If you are lucky enough to work for yourself, then you will not have to worry about a boss. However, most people have to deal with bosses everyday and instead of becoming enemies and making your life hell, it is a lot wiser to look into ways in which you can make your boss love you. There are excellent ways to do this and below are the top 10 tips that will definitely make your boss love you.

10. Master your attitude; make yourself more likable

The truth of the matter is that most people are too emotional. However, to make your boss love you, you must transform your attitude and make yourself likable. This means getting rid of negative vibes that your body may give off. It also means being available to help and looking sharp at all times like a person who is reliable. Keeping a positive attitude will win you great alliances in the office and your boss is no exception. Yes, it helps to keep a smile at all times; especially when it really counts, the last thing you want is to earn the name negative Nancy.

9. Become an asset that is hard to dispose

Most people like to give average effort in the work place. It is no wonder that most people are dispensable. You should not be like most people if you want your boss to love you. Get extra training where necessary so that you can take on projects that leave a mark in the company. Working hard and smart has always paid off and when you become a true asset, you will be indispensable. This quality is what many bosses are looking for and it will earn you promotions, pay rises and you will be the last person to be fired. Hard work is a good way to earn love from your boss.

8. Your boss's priority should be yours

Working hard is excellent when you want your boss to love you. However, you have to know which projects fall under the top priority for your boss. This way, you will deliver in accordance to the demand of the job and your boss will only be too happy to have you on his or her team.

7. Keep your boss up to date

A smart worker will always keep their boss up to date with every project they are undertaking. Constant updates will help forge a good working relationship and boost trust. It is also a good way to meet with the boss and get to hear their feedback on the progress of the project. You can send email updates but make sure to follow up in person and give personalised updates. You must be visible and above all, you must be seen working hard.

6. Assess yourself and improve where needs be

Because nobody is perfect, you are bound to make mistakes. When you realise you have made a mistake, do not wait for the boss to call you out; you must take responsibility and look for ways to avoid making the same mistake again. Assessing yourself in this manner will help you learn faster and improve yourself. Your boss will be glad to know that you have put in place special measures to avoid making mistakes.

5. Don't cover up your failures; apologise

When you make a mistake that is hard to fix, it is always wise to admit it and apologise properly to your boss or to the relevant person. Do not make the apology about yourself but rather make it believable and sincere. This way, you and your boss will move on faster without dwelling on things that cannot be changed.

4. Be genuine and command respect

Many people want to win the love of their bosses by sucking up to them. However, an act does not go too far and real colors must show. The best way to earn love is to be authentic; give real work and be genuine with your attitude. Take criticism with maturity and strive to be the best person you can be. Seasoned bosses are able to see right through people and putting in sincere effort to be the best worker will pay off with time. There is no shortcut and this is guaranteed to help you command respect accordingly.

3. Always look busy

Let's face it, there are times in the office when you are not busy at all. However, this does not mean that you are lazy but it could mean that you are catching a break. In this regard, you always have to look busy as you do not want to be labeled idol. Always have a project update to prove that you are not slacking. All in all, you must master the art of looking busy in the office. This will keep you away from office gossip and politics.

2. Give constructive and honest feedback

Your boss will, from time to time, ask you for an opinion on something. Your work is not to give false information on what you think. Instead, you should give constructive and honest feedback so that your boss can see you as dependable. Avoid dwelling on unsolicited information and focus on what your boss wants to know.

1. Develop a thick skin

Some bosses will never love you no matter what you do. In such cases, you do not have to give up. In fact, you need to develop a thick skin and learn how to survive and thrive in the office. Do not focus on the negative attributes of your boss but rather look at his or her strengths. Make sure that you do not provoke negative emotions because it will only make your life worse. Learn how they tick and work with them the best way you can. Do not take anything personally because this is just a job that you need for your livelihood. With these tips, you will excel no matter the kind of boss you have.