BP, often referred to by its former name of British Petroleum is one of the world's Supermajor oil companies operating worldwide to produce oil and gas products. With a global turnover of more than £200 Billion and a British workforce numbering 15,000 strong they make up one of the largest employers in the UK. In fact in between the 1100 filling stations, 40 office units, 3 research centres, 4 major refineries and 40+ offshore drilling platforms there is almost no end of employment opportunities.

1. A list of jobs longer than your arm.

If you are looking for job diversity then it does not come bigger and better than the oil industry. With a range of positions like no other including exploration, drilling, engineering, geology, science research and technology, refining, manufacturing, logistics and distribution, resourcing, people management and shipping. The list is actually quite a bit longer bit I think you get the picture.

2. Global freedom.

Employees of BP rarely find themselves tied to a single location. Such large scale global cooperation requires a dedicated and flexible workforce so if you are looking for the type of position where you can travel the world then BP has it for you.

3. Science and the future of energy.

One of the great benefits to working for a major oil company are the science jobs on offer. BP is always looking for bright new candidates to further its science and research divisions, of which they have 3 in the UK. With BP you can push the science of energy and energy management to its limits and through BP's internal training programs and man efficiency schemes you may find that your skills are pushed in directions you didn't know you could. BP offers the chance for any scientist to push the limits of known energy usage and help research newer and cleaner ways to extract energy.

4. Logistics.

Of all things that oil companies need most, apart from the oil of course, is logistics. Moving millions of gallons of oil around the globe is no mean feat and the experts at BP can train you to be the best of them. With internal and external training programs funded by the company career progression is simple, apart from your choice of direction that is.

5. Man management.

If your skills are more people based then look no further. Working worldwide means not only travel opportunities but the chance to become a real people person interacting globally. Further to this are the options for the legal department who are unfortunately always in demand as the world struggles to cope with the demand for energy versus the method for extraction.

Working for BP is always going to be rewarding thanks to the training that they provide their employees as well as the amazing benefits and pay packages that the give. Even for people who are unsure what they want to do the diversity on offer makes it impossible for anyone not to find something that they are good at available. All potential candidates should note that as a global employer that is always under the spotlight the have very high standards of conduct for all employees which is often a double edges sword. One the one hand it is good in that only the best and brightest work for them but they are not scared of making the big decisions and going against the grain often butting heads with environmental groups.

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