What will happen if the individual experiences of different people, their knowledge and different approaches are linked together? Something very powerful with limitless potential will arise as a result. We are all different, and it inspires us to innovate and expand the possibilities of using a computer and the Internet as something more than it currently is. The Human Resources philosophy of Microsoft is a little something like this.

The company has committed itself to follow the principle of diversity in all fields, which means it will provide equal opportunities to all employees as people but also the involvement of a broad spectrum of people from all backgrounds to push the boundaries of what technology is and how it can be used. So, what are these opportunities? What are the applicant's abilities that are most in demand? What does Microsoft expect of you as an employee? Here is a little insight to give you some idea.

1. Let's start from the beginning. Education. Prestigious educational institutions are a great way for a candidate to improve their chances of getting an interview. Sometimes it is not enough to be a good student of any subject, try to offer help to your teacher in working on a research project (or even to become their assistant) to give you that little something else that other people don't have. This is a quality that Microsoft is always looking for. Boundary pushers.

2. Work experience. Relevant experience during internships or working with a startup (even for free) will look advantageously on your CV. If you do not have the time to create your own business, a popular blog or a professional community in a social network created by you also can play a positive role.

3. All Microsoft employees have the opportunity to become parties to the various education and training programs, aimed at gaining new knowledge and skills, and learning to understand and accept the existing cultural and social differences, recognize the importance of an atmosphere of respect and goodwill at work and their direct impact on the success of each fellow employee. Each employee must be a highly motivated innovator, capable of clear logical thinking, able to work fourteen hours a day if there urgent need to complete the project and most importantly have passion foe what they or those around them are doing.

4. Knowing how to work effectively in a team is a big plus. Teamwork is key and a primary aspect of the company philosophy. Microsoft recruiters are constantly looking for people who will completely give themselves to their projects regardless of whether it will require more work, training courses or extracurricular projects. The best project managers, marketers and developers in the company have this in common: they are very aware of the role and tasks of each other person around them both in their team and those linked to their projects.

5. Many people with innovative thinking work at Microsoft and for good reason. The company has a unique style of qualifying interview. After all the software is ideas firstly, it is not just an assembly line, and these ideas are being challenged and changed constantly. This means that the primary resource of the company is talented people. Be prepared for the realization that in the interview you will have logic puzzles, riddles, hypothetical questions and trick questions all aimed at showing and processing the level of your creativity and logical thinking.

6. People who work at Microsoft have also noted the following things that make working for them a little more enjoyable:

  • comfortable offices and good equipment;
  • free meal in the communal kitchen (apples, soda, juices);
  • dressing rooms on each floor;
  • a good benefits and pay package.

Microsoft has an added advantage of being a great company to work for if you don't mind travelling. With a worldwide employee pool of over 115,000 people they strive to get the right people to the right places which means that should you start in one place you may well be offered something else they feel suits your talents better. Wise distribution of employees is a skill that few companies have but Microsoft is one of them.

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