When it comes for working for a corporate giant there are few in the United Kingdom bigger than Unilever. This consumer goods giant produces a wealth of household goods that are loved and enjoyed every day from foodstuffs including Knorr and Flora to beauty products like Lynx and Dove. In fact with a range of over 400 products it is hard not to find at least 1 Unilever product in every house in Britain. Like most large companies Unilever is a large employer with over 172,000 people working for them worldwide and a large percentage of them working right here in the plants and research divisions in Britain. As a company they also enjoy strong financial successes generating over £35 Billion yearly.

In recent years and following global buying trends Unilever has shifted slightly away from slow selling markets for specific foodstuffs and has concentrated more on health and beauty generating along with it a host of new opportunities, positions and advancements for forward thinking people both employed by them and those who are hopeful.

1. Diverse opportunities.

One of the best features of working within such a large diverse organisation is the shear scale of job types that are on offer. With there massive product range there is no end to the need for new ideas, market possibilities and design to cover the ever changing needs of their customers. You would not be surprised to learn that the marketing department, including graphic designers and media specialists, contains the largest percentage of jobs. So strong is this department that Unilever also one of the largest buyers of media and advertizing in the world spending an average of £4 billion per year.

2. Science.

If you are newly qualified in a science field and are looking for the best place to put your skills to the test then Unilever is a prime candidate. Not only does their range have to be monitors for health and safety but new products are constantly in demand. As a Unilever scientist you have the opportunity to advance your career in a multitude of directions depending on your expertise and desire.

3. Medicine.

Whilst they do not manufacture any specific medical products medical science employees are in great demand at Unilever. Every product must be tested and controlled to conform to health and safety standards.

4. High corporate business positions.

Unilever holds a very strong market share in the UK and this would not be possible if not for the administration and management teams. Whilst it is not possible to simply stroll into one of these jobs Unilever's internal training and reward programs are a great way to boost your career in this direction.

5. Product advertisement.

As one of the world's largest advertisers there is no better place to apply your talents and get noticed. But be aware that these positions are very demanding and competition is fierce but secure one and you are set for life.

6. The graduate program.

Unilever has always been a strong employer and as such its needs are always there as employees come and go. According to their company philosophy the best employee is one that is trained from the ground up. To this end they developed the Graduate Program that takes promising new talent and hones it to the requirements of the company. With this program comes great opportunities to advance a career in any direction through internal training.

So no matter what your field of expertise is there is hope for you at Unilever and through them a chance at not just an amazing career but a life altering one at that.

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