Working for the U.N.

The United Nations is by no means a secret organisation but remarkably few people realize how many people they actually employ worldwide and under how many job umbrellas. You may be surprised to learn that in fact they have over 44,000 employed specialists working around the globe to make the world a better and safer place to live. Founded following the second world war the U.N. has worked tirelessly to combat strife wherever it can be found from poverty to war zones but they could not achieve this without dedicated staff working around the clock to get results.

The U.N. itself is made up of six primary constituent parts: The General Assembly, who role included policy making and decisions; the Security Council, to provide peaceful resolutions and security; The Economic and Social Council, who make policy regarding economic cooperation and welfare; The Secretariat, which provided information and conducts studies; The International Court of Justice, providing the legal arm of the group; and the now defunct Untied Nations Trustee Council.

Be part of the engine of change.

One of the primary drives for people looking to find a job with the U.N. is that they really genuinely want to make a difference to people's lives around the world. Not content with simply doing charity work they feel they have the skills to take it to the top. Working for the U.N. is the best chance at making not just a small difference but a global one through policies and cooperation schemes. Being able to affect country policy and aid plans really does make a difference to millions of people daily. The second best thing about working for the U.N. is the range of positions which give the same sense of fulfillment as every paper written, every document created and every phone call made is the engine of change for the world.

Make a true difference in the world.

While it would be utterly ridiculous to say that the doctors who work in the far flung reaches of the world are not doing a good job it would be hard for many of them to reach these places without the help and backing of the United Nations. Working for this organisation means that you can be involved in getting the help to where it is needed most but more than that, doctors and medical staff on the ground do amazing, selfless and tireless work but without real global change they would be needed until there was no-one left. This is where the U.N. comes in to help countries break out of epidemics and economic poverty cycles.

Diversity like no other.

One of the best things about working for such a global organisation is the diversity you find within it. It is the true measure of the human spirit that we are all the same and all of equal value no matter where you come from or your social background. It is in essence what we all strive for: a world where everyone is equal and safe from sickness, hunger, strife and war. Working with the U.N. will bring you into contact with all the world has to offer and I can promise you one thing, it only makes your life better and better.

Employment options.

As an employer they offer about as long a list of employment prospects as any company around. With the needs of the world ever at their doorstep they require an army of workers to continue. From medical and security "boots on the ground" positions, whose job it is to deal with the humanitarian side of the work, to legal teams and policy makers, whose roles are to engineer real social changes there are no ends to the opportunities. Translators, researchers, writers, content creators, politicians, doctors, nurses, security staff, lawyers, suppliers, logistics teams and travel organisers are but a few of the available positions. All you have to do is find the un jobs that will suit what you are looking for and apply your skills.

The world is your oyster.

If you are looking for a position where travel is almost inevitable then this is definitely going to be the organization for you. As global peaces keepers it is the job of United Nations staff to get to the gritty end of problems and hold out that helping hand to people in need. Even if you are more of a backroom office worker there will nearly always be travelling for something be it a conference or global summit or a meeting of the Security Council.

The future of the state of the world.

By far and away the best thing about working for the United Nations, no matter where you end up, is the job satisfaction at the end of the day. Knowing that your efforts, no matter what they are, are a part of making someone's life better is a feeling that will last you a lifetime. Where else but the U.N. can you find a job that helps ensure the future of the world?