15 Most Disgusting Jobs That You Would Never Ever Like!

1. Being a proctologist

This is a job in the medical field. It is very highly paying. Proctologists earn six figure salaries. However, they earn this money by looking into and examining the anuses of their patients. They will use both hands to conduct visual analyses of the anuses of men, women, children and the elderly as well. Their nurses have to assist them in this disgusting job too.

2. Urologist

This is also a job in the medical field. Despite that attractive salary, this job is very disgusting. The urologist examines the urinary parts of their patients. This specialist is aware of the diseases and conditions that affect the urinary parts of their patients. By using their hands and medical tools, the urologists conduct disgusting examinations on their patients.

3. Police officer

The job of a police officer looks and sounds very exciting. They can carry firearms with them and they arrest bad guys all day. However, they also have to conduct cavity searches on these bad guys. This means examining the private parts of male and female suspects so as to discover any hidden contraband.

4. Pathologist

This is a specialist who deals with dead people. This specialist is tasked to find out the causes of death. They closely examine the dead people by using their hands and tools to perform examinations on their parts.

5. Sewage worker

This is a very disgusting job. In this one, the worker comes into contact with human waste on a daily basis. They maintain and install sewage systems.

6. Septic tank repair person

The septic tank collects and manages all the biological waste from homes and institutions. When this system needs repair, this technician is called upon. This technician has to dig out all the waste and repair the malfunctioning parts of the system.

7. Sanitation workers

This is a job where the sanitation worker collects garbage and organizes it for recycling or eventual dumping. In this trash there are disgusting items such as diapers, used sanitary pads and vegetable waste too.

8. CTS Decon job

This is a job where the technicians clean up the scenes of crimes. They clean up material such as blood, internal organs, body wastes and dirt. The job has a high salary but it is very disgusting as well.

9. Hotel maid

This is a job where the maid cleans up after hotel guests. The guests know that they do not have to clean up after themselves. As such, many of them make messes deliberately. Subsequently, cleaning up these messes is a disgusting job for the hotel maid.

10. Pornography actor or actress

This job has the highest rates of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) in the world. Most of the films in this industry are shot without the actors being taken through tests to determine their sexual health. As such, they infect other actors and re-infect others too.

11. Medical waste bio hazard cooker

Medical waste is some of the most dangerous material that one can come across. The germs that cause disease and infection are passed out of the body in medical waste. As such, the cooker of this waste comes into contact with blood, sexual fluids, human waste and body parts in their job. They sort all these into bags and throw them into an incinerator. The fumes that are released are toxic.

12. Hazmat divers

These are people who dive into cesspools of waste to retrieve things or repair the tanks. They wear protective diving suits when doing their job. However, it is no less disgusting. Diving into a waste lagoon is very stomach churning work.

13. Laundry worker at the hospital

This is a person who washes the sheets of the sick people in the hospital. The patients probably died in these sheets. Thus, the job of washing sheets that have been bled on, urinated or vomited on is pretty disgusting.

14. Abattoir worker

This is a job where the worker slaughters animals in the slaughterhouse. The worker prepares the animals for slaughter, slaughters them and then separates the usable parts from the waste parts.

15. Barnyard masturbator

In this job, the worker is paid to extract reproductive materials from various types of animals in the farm. They are trained to do this job and extract this material for various purposes such as Artificial Insemination (A.I.).