CV Template

Finding a new job may turn out to be a rather tough challenge. Many factors and options should be considered. Some of them are of great importance. A good CV is crucial as it helps to reveal your talents and skills as well as show employers what you have really got. At the same time a good CV is 9/10ths of a successful application. The main idea is to prevent it from being thrown away like piles of other discarded resumes. You need to show why you are the best candidate for a particular position. We tried to take the most attractive and relevant CVs to create one general template that will hopefully come in handy.

First of all your CV should include the following:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

It is not recommended to add any other information that is not related to your skills and job you are applying for. Avoid writing about your age, marital status, gender, children or insurance number. This information can be off-putting sometimes. Do not include it in your CV.

Personal Information

This section is mainly used to describe all of your beneficiary professional skills, working experience, career history, key benefits and skills, etc. It should be made in the form of a short and eye-catching summary stressing the most important points. The main goal is to attract the recruiter and make him interested in your resume.


Experienced customer services specialist with 3+ years working experience in the financial and banking service sector. Self-motivated and articulated, able to demonstrate professional telephone handling and offer skillful customer service. Easily adjustable, able to work in a team with a proven service excellence record (add some awards and certificates if you have any).

Key Skills

Make sure you indicate the list of professional skills that are necessary for a particular vacancy. Check with the job description carefully including main duties and responsibilities.


  • Typing – 60 words per minute;
  • Excellent customer service and IT skills;
  • Fluent in English, Spanish and German;
  • Working Experience.

Career record is another important part of your CV displaying your working experience. The best way is to start the description from the latest position and scale back to the rest of the companies where you have worked. It is obvious that recruiters will be more interested in you recent working experience.

This section should be formed in a specific order. First you need to indicate the name of the company, job title and dates. At the same time you can also identify specialisation or field along with key responsibilities and duties. You can list them pointing out the main skills related to the position that you are applying for.

Don’t forget to indicate key achievements stressing several main points. They may include not only awards, high rates and results but also revenues and cost saving rates.


  • Position - Senior Customer Service Advisor
  • Company’s name – City State Bank
  • Date – Feb 2009 –Jan 2010

Main responsibilities:

  • Interaction with customers, managing service;
  • Management by means of CRM database;
  • Customers’ calls processing and responding;
  • Customer support via mail and phone;
  • Arranging of training and instructions for new advisers;
  • Practice and promotion.

Main Achievements

  • 110% average call targets;
  • “Employee of the Year” 2010 Award.

You are recommended to create the same layout for at least a decade of your previous working experience

Education & Qualifications

From one point of view this information may be of great importance, however, if your education was obtained more than 10 years ago it may not be particularly useful to the recruiters.

References available on request

You should avoid using any personal names or contact details in your resume. You are supposed to have your references permission in case you wish to provide your potential recruiter or employer with additional details and information.

Now your resume is ready, all you need is to choose the best website devoted to job hunting and upload it. And the last but not the least most important tip is to remember to regularly update your CV.