How to look for the job for you and not a job: Behind the scenes secrets

First off, let me premise this topic with a bit of clarity. One of the biggest issues with people and finding the careers of their dreams is not that they simply don't know where to look but often the right job for them and their dreams often conflict with one another because dreams and aims change over time and peoples dream careers are often overlooked as far as change is concerned. Wanting to be a fighter pilot when you were 7 after watching topgun was a dream a lot of us shared including me and even today there is still a part of me that yearns for the freedom of the skies and yet dream ob or not it is certainly not for me as my skills lie in helping others find their dreams jobs from the comfort of my office and, of yes, I'm terrified of heights.

So where exactly do we begin? Well first of all everybody needs to stop a moment and take an honest assessment of themselves. Knowing yourself, your personal skills, what you excel at, and equally as important what you cannot do, is the first step on the road to a lasting and fulfilling career. When you have taken a good personal inventory of what you can do it is time to look at what you are qualified in.

Ok now we have a good idea of ourselves it is time to think about the kind of industry that fits us best. Take some time to really investigate the things that match your interests as there is a whole world of opportunities that is often passed over as people jump to the obvious conclusions. It is at this point that I need to mention the fact that having a job you enjoy, one that piques your interest is key to longevity and work satisfaction. We spend a significant portion of our lives at work making it vital that we enjoy it.

Once we have a fair idea of ourselves and the myriad of roles out there that may suit us it is time to invest a little thought into how we can get to where we are aiming at. That is to say, what new skills, experiences and qualifications are we going to need to get our foot in the door? Having a well defined and achievable plan is always going to be the best method here. If well planned and broken down into manageable segments the process of getting from the you here and now to the you in your dream job is going to be easier to take should things be a bit of a rough ride. I'd like to be able at this point to say that with your plan and new you knowledge it was going to be simple but the truth is that the world can be tough at times but if you stick at it then it will all turn out just grand.

I can't say this enough times but at every stage of the process in-depth research is always going to be your best friend. Secondly plan hard and plan well. Small manageable steps are always easier to take than leaps and it reduces the chances of you being distracted or becoming discouraged if it takes a while to get where you are going. Thirdly, try to contact people in the industry to see if you can make some connections or find that little piece of information that gives you an edge over your rivals. Good communication is a key aspect of work and life and passive 'wait at home for the good stuff to come to them' types of people will always be left waiting. And lastly make sure that your CV and cover letter are in tip top shape and are custom built towards your new career type.