Features of working in advertising in Britain

It goes without saying that in the 21st century advertising has been booming as new media and platforms open a host of new opportunities for businesses to expand their customer bases. As such the number of advertisers has also seen a huge rise, not in the traditional paper and pen billboard sense but in the more advanced information technology field. We should not however discount the power and potential of more traditional media as they have not gone away. They too have enjoyed increased demand as spaces are sold as platforms for advertising from the sides and backs of public transport to the corners of every newspaper and leaflet up and down the country. In the current employment conditions the demand for different types of advertisers has opened up previously small niche markets into booming industries. Artistry requirements have shifted from paper to digital media where I.T. skills count for more than artistic talent. Moreover the power of the slogan or tagline has seen an increase as advertising shifts from simple product placement to miniature film series where people can engage in the storylines. As interactivity dictates internet behaviour so too has it affected how people interact with advertising.

Advertising: Art or media?

Depending on your particular skill set there is now a range of opportunities for a new breed of advertising agent. One of the great things about British advertising is the sheer variation in the media and type of the advertising available. With a truly global economy comes the need for international companies to display their wares in a way that natural British people with engage with. Working in advertising in Britain is now more available to people with different skills than ever before. There is demand for artists who can create brand recognition through art, writers who help to get clients engaged in products and services, technology experts dealing with digital media from banner ads and placement ads or email subscribed informational advertising. In fact advertising jobs have become so diverse that they now cross over into other fields and vise versa.

The internationality of British trade

One of the most amazing things about working in advertising in the United Kingdom is the variation. Being an island of international trade and a global importer means that internationally recognized brands feature in everyday British life. As the world becomes ever small and international communication ever stronger the ability to effectively advertise in a host country has become even more important in order to not only compete with local companies but also rival international brands. This is where to power of advertising is key. Brand recognition and the ability to promote good relations are paramount in the successful operations of an international company. Working in such advertising puts one at the tip of the spear in this battle to be the more recognized.

Finding an advertising job

With the multitude of new opportunities opening up finding a job in advertising has become much simpler. As the needs of companies' changes with the digital age so too do the requirements for being successful in the trade. Job advertisements for this field are increasingly common as digital media specialists become the new must have positions. Working on company Facebook pages and other media shows how the lines have shifted from what was once a PR/company relations position to become an engagement and brand recognition job. It is these such shifts that have opened up new stylized advertising jobs to people with the new required advertising skills. This of course does not completely discount more traditional types which now compete with other types but the simple fact remains that traditional advertising methods are still just and strong today as they have ever been meaning that every within its field is the opportunity to become the creator of the next most famous advert.