Characteristics of job seekers in modern Britain using the internet as their search medium

In modern Britain the task of job seeking has evolved to a new level that has never been seen before. Given the recent economic climate around the world and especially budget deficit cuts in the United Kingdom jobs have been increasingly hard to come by, and yet, at the same time as this is happening the movements of technological advances coupled with new social trends means that job hunting has never been easier to do. Does a reduction in the economy mean that jobs simply disappear? Clearly the answer is no. People around Britain are constantly on the move, both geographically speaking and in the sense that people are always seeking newer better employment opportunities, emigrating abroad or simply retiring. The world never truly stands still regardless of the economy and this is especially true with regards to employment.
If we ask ourselves why people prefer one form of job hunting over another we are always brought back to the topic of social trends. In technological Britain almost everybody has access to the internet and use is as a primary source of communication and information gathering. This social trend has driven recruitment companies to follow suit by advertizing in a media that their potential clients understand. This drive in turn has allowed great advances in both usability and ease of access. So as a job seeker it seems logical that the most advanced form of job hunting, as well as the easiest to use given that it can be accessed from anywhere, is the most popular. As an example let us take a moment to compare an internet job search function with a traditional newspaper advertisement. The newspaper option is limited by both range and amount of information that it can impart at any one time. It holds no links to other opportunities and can offer no additional services. It can however still find someone a job within its specific range. The internet search option can do more that and easier. Links and service offers are at the touch of a button. New search parameters can be applied along with a host of other features. So the 'whys and wherefores' of reasoning that people choose an internet search option are clear.

When it comes down to the use of a recruitment website the specifics of questions posed by prospective employers and employees are not as broad as you might think. Generally speaking there is an unspoken boundary which limits questions to the specifics needed in order to reach a certain standpoint. From the employer it is how well a candidate stands up against the requirements such as previous experience and qualifications versus how well they think a person might fit a role should they fall short. From the employees standpoint it is usually more specifics about the position, i.e information gathering question lines, and how they can fit it in against their personal needs and requirements. Further more job seekers may often ask simple questions based on the thinking that a line of communication can be opened with the employer to create a bond and hence improve their chances.

The current state of the market in the UK is one of flux with high demand in sectors such as teaching and nursing while more industrial jobs like those in heavy industry such as steel are on the decline with large companies closing regularly. This is not only a reflection of the economy but of the social change within Britain away from low requirement industry jobs to more advanced technological and intellectual positions. With regards to the high demand in teaching and nursing; it has been suggested that these are the knock on effect of poor publicity, from media and film, portraying them in a negative light. While it would be nice to think that people are not swayed by films there is growing evidence that popular films can and do drive social opinions.

In regards to recruitment site specifically there are now more than ever as companies realize the potential of using the internet as a business location. The choice and availability of services online are at an all time high and are growing daily. Furthermore the ease of use for these sites means that people can access them and UK job search based on very specific guidelines taken from their very specific needs. This ability to find 1000s of jobs at the click of a button while focusing on their needs means that there can be little other choice if you want to get what you need.