The Top Secrets Of The PR Specialists

1. The anxious press scrutiny

The best way to ensure you are relaxed is to deal with that which is bothering you. You might want to get online and in the press, to check what is good or bad about your client. What are people saying about them?

2. The phone call follow up
If you try to call and the client is not responding, chances are, they have already gone through your press release, but they are not into it. So they are basically not interested.

3. The expounding style
You cannot easily work with a product that is meant to alter a person’s life, however, a good press release will be able to convince the client.

4. Calling at an inappropriate time
Before you make a phone call, ensure that you are making the call at the right time. Be sure of what is going on and understand everything, before you can call the client.

5. Calling the wrong person
Also, ensure that you have the contact of the right person that you should be calling. Don’t call the finance department when you are supposed to talk to the PR department.

6. Be prepared for that one call from the press
The press can call you concerning your client and their products, if they are considered inappropriate on the market.

7. The surprise
You might be opening the page to see the feature that you have been working on, but you meet another big story. Don’t get distracted, stick to PR, not politics or other topics.

8. The misunderstanding
There will be times when your story will be misunderstood completely and even credited to the wrong clients.

9. The non-recognition
At some point, your client can have new products on the market, but the competition is tighter and other items are the ones that are mostly recognized.

10. The factual crisis update
You should be ready for any crisis to be mentioned about your feature and mostly, it is impossible to edit it.

11. The over hopeful client
There are some clients that will be over optimistic in what you are working on, especially if they are targeting bigger objectives.

12. You must make an extra step
You will have to go beyond the activities, for the sake of pleasing a client, if you want to include some special amenities, do anything for the sake of the client.

13. You will need a costume
There are some situations that will force you to wear a costume, just to emphasize on the PR promotions.

14. Expect to have some weird moments in your lifestyle
There are some promotions that will be extremely ridiculous, but it’s your job to promote them, so play along.

15. You will need to party out, more frequently
You will need to go out more often, have drinks with clients, the media or anyone that will help keep you entertained. Nonetheless, ensure that you are sober enough to remember the vital strategic points, in case the clients asks you when you are partying.

16. You will pay for it
You should always be ready to take care of the bills, so ensure you have your credit card prepared, regardless of who you are partying out with, it is still your job anyway.

17. Stick to your stand
If you are promoting a certain vodka brand, ensure that you don’t get too drunk to choose another brand over it.

18. You can make it
There are some situations that will see you through the campaign and everything will work as you planned.

19. The impractical client
There are some clients that will have big dreams and objectives, but they will not have the necessary resources at hand, you will meet them.

20. Always stick to your message
Whenever you are, whether in front of the media, your clients, family or friends, always preach the same word.

21. There is always one press contact that is reliable
If you have a press contact that you can really rely on, you will want to tip them, just as a sign of appreciation.

22. The adorable client
There will also be that one client that you highly trust, keep them close enough.

23. Consider the free stuff

Have lots of items that you can give to your client, ranging from candies, cookies, pens, merchandise and just about anything. This will help to keep the clients close enough.

Do what you’ve got to do to keep them close and prepared for anything coming.