How to choose the right recruitment agency in the UK

When it comes to finding a job in the United Kingdom there are a cast multitude of options available to any avid searcher and a wealth of resources longer than your arm but sometime all of these things can fail to bring the right results due to limited searchability, the niche of the target position or just a limit to the amount of time and effort available because of prior commitments or responsibilities. This is where the recruitment agency comes into play to take up the slack and press forward on your behalf to get results. In modern Britain the usage of recruitment agencies has exploded into life as the methodology of businesses and recruitment processes in general adapt to a more technological age. With the rise of internet only search engines and communications sites like LinkedIn the way people look for work and the overall types of jobs around has begun to shift and adapt. So the question remains as to why choose a recruitment agency in the first place when there are so many other resources around? And the short answer is the make life easy. It is no surprise when I say that the modern world moves faster than ever before and this applies to job searching as well. If we throw into the mix the current economic climate and we have a result where there are many people looking for a select number of positions which are in turn filled fast. While many people work, sleep and job search in their free time the world sweeps past them taking along with it an enormous variety of opportunities, and this is where the agency comes into play. Not only do they, more often than not, have access directly to employers who are held on their books but they also keep at it when you cannot, plus they have the kind of experienced staff who know not just what to look for but how. Since it is their job to procure work for people and keep in contact with recruiting companies they are in the prime position to help others.

One of the great benefits to using an agency comes when your target position type falls under a very specific category. Many niche positions involving a lot of specialization are often not advertised through traditional media but are instead posted through specific channels or forums which are not easily accessible to the ordinary person unless they know where to look. In the last 10 years uk recruitment agencies have taken it upon themselves to cover these gaps in the traditional market and have become specials agents for certain employment bodies such as the NHS and dedicate all of their time and resources to fulfilling departmental needs and making new contacts. This does not mean that older style generalized recruiters no longer exist but in truth they are fewer in number and often deal in supplying temporary staff. More often the choice of the agency depends on the needs of the job seeker, how much time they have to dedicate to the search, they type of position they are looking for or the location of the search since many people are freer to look further afield but may be unable to move to a location prior to employment.

What constitutes a good agency?

Well the simple answer will of course always be how successful they are in fulfilling the needs of their clients but this is not the be all and end all answer that determines a good agency from a bad one. Even a bad recruiter can find work for people otherwise they would not exist as a business. When it comes to the finer points in favour of a good agency, one of the primary factors is how the conduct themselves as a recruiter. Communication is key here. A good recruiter will always be available for their clients and be in constant communication to share information on positions, offer flexible options and positions and to keep apprised of the needs of the client and any changes in needs that may occur. Good agencies are the ones who are open and clear about their success rates, the sections they deal in and the kind of information that they have access to. If they are not open and upfront about everything from the beginning then it is best to steer clear and save yourself a lot of pain and wasted time down the road.

Signs that an agency may not be on your side

It is an unfortunate fact that there are recruitment agencies out there that are more concerned about their bottom line than they are about their clients and their needs. Remember that this is your life so expect them to put in no less than 100% effort at all times on your behalf. Furthermore check for clarity; any good recruiter will be more than happy to share their information with you about the type of jobs they specialize in and their success rates. Be wary of any agency that prefers to keep since details to themselves. Another thing to look out for are hidden charges that may not come into affect until after your employment has begun. This often comes in the form of a percentage of your income on top of any starter fees.

Overall recruitment firms are an excellent resource for job seekers and are a great tool for busy people looking to advance themselves. Bear in mind that they are helping you for a fee so expect a paid for service so good luck and happy searching.