Ways to Pass an Interview for Those in their Prime Age.

Never assume at any moment that you will be given a straight pass in an interview because you are in your prime age. With the experience that people in their 50s and over have, they can agree that the job market is increasingly becoming competitive. It is not easy to get an invitation for job interviews. Worst still, getting a nice job is also very difficult unless you adapt effective strategies in order to pass an interview. Therefore, if you get the chance to appear before an interview panel, it is vital that you make it count. Since you are an older person and seeking employment, it is important that you get tips that will enable you to come out on top. You have to learn the right skills and techniques of an interview.

The following are some techniques that you can learn that might help when you go for an interview for a new post:

  • Ensure that you give statements that will portray a picture to the employer that you are willing to fully participate in the meeting of the set organisational goals. You should list ways in which you can contribute positively to the achievement of the set goals.
  • Give extensive information that is relevant in portraying how it is that you still have the energy and zeal to work. Give statements that clarify enthusiasm inside you and with this then you will be able to prove that you are willing to compete in a work environment.
  • Portray a very positive and young attitude. Remember, attitude breaks or makes a person. Your attitude determines your walk and talk and therefore if you enter the room with a negative attitude, negativity will follow you.
  • Do not be misled by the notion that since you are elderly, your age will speak for you. Your age contributes very little in an interview. The fact that you pound your chest on the basis of age will discourage the interviewing panel and this will make you lose your chance. If you have to talk about your age or your work experience, mention the great things and changes you have made so far that will increase your chances of you getting the job. The various accomplishments should be those that are relevant to the industry the employer deals in.
  • It is often said that if you keep looking back you will not have the ability to move forward. This is relevant in an interview in that you should keep what is in the past there, where it belongs, unless however there is significant information that happened way back of great relevance to the panel then mention it. Otherwise, keep your information in a bracket of 10 to 15 years ago of your career. The main information that you should basically give is what is important in the sector or the job that you are applying for.
  • There are certain words that you should avoid when in an interview. One of this words is “I know”. These words shuts out the employer because you create an impression of being the know it all type of person. They might think that you rank yourself highly because of your age. Even if you know something, sometimes acting like a fool is wise. Just acknowledge what you are told by the employer by creating enthusiasm in them for example by saying “that is interesting”, or “that is a good point you have mentioned there” or “I now get what you mean sir or madam”.
  • Do not make the mistake of demeaning an employer or an interviewing panel because of the fact that they are younger than you. Nobody in this world likes to be diminished in this world. If you get the fact that you are older in your mind, then it will affect the way you answer questions. You will answer them authoritatively. Even if the human resource manager is young enough to be your last born child, mutual respect is vital.
  • Try asking some questions to the panel to create a mentality whereby they feel in charge of the interview and it is not you controlling the direction.

After following the above tips, ask politely, “when do I start?” with a smile on your face. These tips can come in handy and make the big difference needed in an interview.