Seven Strategies That Charm Employers and Can Get You Hired

Apart from your qualifications and competencies, you need to up your interview strategies in order to secure a job quickly. You need to add charm in everything you say and do during the interview. Charm is a known game changer and you are likely to leave the interviewer smiling. In the absence of charm, you may not get the job simply because you fail to warm the interview with additional life attributes. If the interviewer will be your manager, he or she needs an employee who will be lively day-in-day-out.

Although this article does not want you to change your persona in order to secure a job, it calls for modifications in behavior that can up your chances of getting the job. The following are seven ways you can create a pleasing form of yourself.

Do Some Research about your Interviewer

It is always appropriate to conduct some preliminary investigations about your interviewer before the set date. Although it is not always possible, you can Google or search his or her LinkedIn profiles if you know their name. Find out how they describe themselves, their tone and their role in the company. Ensure that you check the professional successes they have had recently because they may ask you about it. Lastly, ensure that they do not get wind that you have been spying!

Adopt the Interviewer’s Behavior

Start the interview by monitoring the interviewer’s tone, body language and personality. Try to mimic the interviewer though not directly. Doing it directly is rude and can turn out ugly if noticed. People enjoy spending time with other people of like-minded personalities and copying the interviewer can get your hired. If you go to the interview with a loud mouth but meet a quiet and formal interviewer, you are likely to be rejected. The same case applies for extrovert interviewers interviewing introverts. Always make sure that you start the interview in a friendly and professional way, then adapt to your interviewer’s personality in the shortest time possible.

Engage in Some Casual Chit Chat

Although not everyone likes less talking, it can do wonders for you while at an interview. As you go to the interview room, engage in some sort of small talk. The chat can be in regard to any subject such as your transport to the interview, day plans or the current chilly weather. This is just one simple way of adding charm. Not all employers are comfortable with interviewing, and being chatty will put both of you at ease. Give it your best and keep the conversations flowing.

Pay Attention to your P’s and Q’s

It is always appropriate to behave well in all situations. Turn up on time and at the end of the interview, stand to shake hands and thank the interviewers for the meeting. This is a valuable show of respect. You can also send an email of a few sentences stating how you enjoyed the meeting and thanking them for the meeting. Do not forget to mention your interest in the job.

Keep your Body Language in Check

In the same way manners help appeal to your interviewer, keeping body language in check can also accomplish the same. Ensure that you sit up straight and lean forward slightly as a show of attentiveness. In addition, maintain eye contact with the interviewer.

Ask the Interviewer Questions

It is by nature that people value talking of themselves more than others. Interviewers too are humans and they tend to talk about their achievements. Maximize such opportunities and ask two or three questions regarding their role and reasons that made them chose the company. Pay attention not to over-ask. To avoid interrupting the flow you could ask them at the end of the interview.

Charm All other People You Meet

The interviewer should be the main target of your charm. You should, however, not deny the charm to other people you meet. All parties you come across in the interview process deserve your charm. Whether it is the receptionist, cleaner, or other employees, always be courteous and remain chatty all the time. They might get an opportunity to meet the hiring manager and share their good opinion about you. You should be keen to optimise all the chances that put you to the forefront of being hired.