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Receptionists in brief

Receptionists are the corner stone off all business in the United Kingdom from small boutique firms right up to corporate giants and their scope and range is equally vast. For receptionists in the lower bands this means simply answering phones, greeting clients and arranging orders and performing general office duties. There are however many more specialized receptionist jobs out there such as those who communicate internationally ad therefore are required to bilingual. With the growth of the European Union and the advent of more internationally focused businesses this type of role has seen significant advances in both the responsibilities placed upon the role and the rewards. Executive and Medical receptionist similarly share and important function in the running of businesses with more specialized aspects of the role demanding different qualifications and skill sets. The basic qualities that are required of a receptionist are standard across the board however and include the ability to effectively communicate with people either face to face, by telephone or via written media. Second to this are the office skills which include organization and computer literacy and the ability to find information. These core skills allow receptionists to thrive is environments which are always on the move or with the ever changing needs of clients and colleagues.

Receptionist backgrounds

Given the required duties of most receptionists a basic education is generally the minimum requirement to hold the position however extra skills such as advanced computer literacy and touch typing skills are always an advantage. More specific receptionist roles such as dental or medical often require extra training above and beyond the basic however many companies often provide training schemes and services to make a prospective employee fit the role.

Receptionist employment opportunities

With the recent economic recovery and the every changing global markets many new businesses are being created daily. Recent statistics have shown that this boom is to carry right through to 2022 with receptionist jobs growing 14 percent. As the NHS and other medical firms branch out their sectors to private firms and schemes an increased demand for medical receptionists has arisen. However on the other hand there is increasingly less demand for low end receptionist positions due to the advent of better communication technologies.

Receptionist pay levels

Salaries for receptionists has always been difficult to calculate as a median figure due in part to the vast discrepancies between roles however in Britain the predicted average sits roughly around £17,000 per year at an hourly average of just over £8.20. More specialized receptionists can earn significantly more than their counterparts in part because of the specific nature of the role but also due to the increased responsibilities of the role. For those in medical fields this average rises up to £9.60 while executive receptionists earn more than £12.00. A significant note with regards to receptionist in the modern business environment is that almost a third of people who work in this role are not full time employees.

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