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Government jobs in UK

Searching and features of employment is governmental positions within Britain

Within Britain the breadth and scope of governmental work is almost limitless. Thanks to a well developed social structure and an international empire that spanned the globe governmental oversight has remained strong and a core employer. The range of businesses covered by government contracts can be seen up and down the country from local government positions which cover jobs including but not limited to waste disposal, land management, hospital care and trust foundations, community and social care, road and highway maintenance and even local town hall positions. Many local sports facilities and programs come under the governmental budget and hence can be considered as government workers.

In recent years Britain has undergone many changes with sectors of previously covered governmental jobs being privatized, primarily the utilities, and the modern scope of jobs is actually on the decrease. Lower budget limits and increased demand on local government agencies to cut back as a result of the recent economic downturn are the leading factors while an increase in foreign companies willing to take up the burden is also having an effect. And yet despite all this government jobs are constantly advertized as the economy as the working population move around.

When it comes to the requirements of governmental positions there are a lot of varying factors that must be taken into consideration. Given the possible range of positions it would be foolish to generalize on such things. For example the manager of a local waste disposal and recycling plant should and does require very specific qualifications including a degree in waste management or similar in order to not just comply with standards regulations but to offer some knowledge to the positions. On the other side of the coin we have local cleaning staff for governmental buildings, facilities or schools who, generally speaking, are employed on the minimum wage. This does not exclude well educated people but the reality is that it is a good solid option for those either without formal qualifications or with limited education. For the vast majority of available positions a basic high school education (3+ G.C.S.E.'s at C or above usually including English and Mathematics) is the minimum requirement but a university degree in a related field is a plus. It is common practice for employers to look for field related qualifications include NVQ's and yet many positions offer them as part of the initial training program.

As a side note it is a legislative requirement that all employers must be equal opportunity employers (unless the demands of the role require a specific sex, age group or physical condition) and that any person from a none native background, or have a mental or physical disability must be given a fair chance at any advertized position. In some cases where a company does not contain diversity this can manifest itself as a guaranteed interview however the final employment decision lies in the hands of the employer.

In the current market, given that the economy of Britain (and Europe as a whole) is in a delicate position there is less availability at this time than in the last 10-15 years. This does not by any means suggest that there are no government positions. While some sectors of government work such as those which are being privatized as obviously on the downturn and yet as Britain evolves new schemes and plans introduced by the government offer new exciting opportunities. As our society modernizes and becomes more socially aware and responsible we increasing look to the recycling industries as well as biodiversity and environmental impact schemes. All these play a new and ever increasing role in the employment sector. Further to this and contrary to a lot of news there is a boom in social care employment while nursing and hospital positions are always on the look out for new employees. We also should not overlook the vital roles played by administration staff within government agencies that keep the country running on a daily basis.

As previously stated the scope of potential governmental positions prevents a generalization of the average pay of government staff, however, if we look at it from a skills and requirements point of view we see that most positions which require low level NVQ's, basic high school education or less more often than not offer British minimum wage which currently stands at:

  • Under 18 - £3.87
  • 18 to 20 - £5.30
  • 21 and over - £6.70

For those positions that require specific university educational qualifications the level of pay can be considerable higher depending on the role and the requirements.

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